Community First Crypto — Assets ranked by strength of their followings

Blockchain projects have embraced open source development and maintain active presences on social and chat platforms in line with their core tenets of decentralization , community-ownership and transparency.

I looked at the social media metrics( Reddit , Twitter , Facebook ) and developer interest on Github ( Stars , Forks ) to gauge the projects with the strongest communities.

First up the straight forward rankings by the metrics. To arrive at these I ranked each individual metric and took a straightforward average of said metrics.

asset rankings

Second I calculated the market cap adjusted rankings, some interesting results here. To calculate these I divided each rank metric by the market cap of the asset.

From the reaction to the Synereo debacle the strong community has come forth to try to get the founders to achieve an amicable return of funds as Coinfund has elucidated. Storj and Siacoin both targeting the well defined cloud infrastructure market have strong communities. Zcash with all the hype and grand technology also has a strong community and interest.

mkt cap adjusted rankings

Going through the project I noticed that more than a few had presence on numerous different platforms. While I understand that this may be necessary due to geographic popularities of different platforms. Projects should ideally be very responsive and organized on the core few like Slack , Reddit , Twitter and white labelled forums.

An observation from the Augur Hack consider using an alternate email for Slack and other platforms to prevent social engineering attempts. I understand the follower counts may be inorganic and will rework the analysis on engaged users in a future analysis. I will also look at including Slack channels and offline Meetup group counts in a future analysis.

Do recommend the article and follow me on Twitter @divraj for continuing orthogonal thoughts 😁 on technology and decentralization. Thanks to the CoinFund Slack community for offering feedback on an earlier draft.