Crypto Geo-fluidity - Crypto projects can move freely and arbitrage location across jurisdictions

Crypto projects need comparatively less legal entity formation and banking relationships

-Projects built on ethereum have most layers of business logic and interaction encoded in code. This paradigm minimizes the need for interaction with traditional entities and banks.

-Projects are composable and interoperable - the layers of the crypto stack can be used permissionlessly without fiat payments, negotiating partnerships and getting legal advice. This enables quick integration without fiat payments.

-Developers and contributors can be compensated in native assets like eth and btc , reducing the need for fiat payments.

-No venture capital funding needed - projects can create sustainable income streams and funding options natively on-chain. Hence a reduced need for entity formation and banking accounts for fiat capital and equity stakes.

Crypto developers and users have all the resources on the internet to get educated from any jurisdiction - No location bound signaling education is required.

Marketing and community building can be done effectively online using the internet stack like messengers , forums and video calls.

As the market for crypto projects is global they do not need to overtly localize hence can move from one jurisdiction to another without incurring overt localization debt in any jurisdiction. This global reach also enables projects so arbitrage location. Projects may form entities in favorable jurisdictions while catering to unfavorable ones.